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November 6, 2017

I thought it must be April Fool time and not Halloween when I saw this…

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said he plans to “drop everything” in the wake of a heated debate about the company’s burger emoji, which currently depicts the cheese underneath the meat patty, and directly on top of the bottom bun.

That’s right there is uproar on twitter and elsewhere because Google depicted a burger with the cheese sitting under the burger, not on top!

It is interesting how in many organisations it is the small things that get the time and attention of senior leaders and the big issues are left sitting there. Big ticket items go without being addressed and at times this may be because senior leaders are not aware of them (although often everyone else on the organisation is aware). Worse still are the big ticket items that senior leaders are aware of but choose to do nothing about either because they don’t know how or it just seems too big to tackle.

I hear about this regularly when working at the diagnostic phase with organisations. When lots of the data is shouting out that there is a problem with e.g. trust in an organisation. Everyone knows it, everyone feels it, everyone is talking about it and yet nothing is being done to address it. While the answer to developing trust across an organisation may have no single solution, it cannot be ignored, it needs to be worked on especially by senior leaders.

So, do you know the big ticket items in your organisation or are you going to spend your time working on whether the cheese should be under or on top of the burger?

Ian Andrew

Governance & Partnerships Director

The Beech Centre for People, Performance & Organisational Development


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