Organisational Development

Certificate in Organisational Development Practitioner Skills

This programme combines an in depth look at the three major elements of Organisational Development (OD): Coaching, Consultancy and Facilitation through the attendance of 3 individual courses. The certificate will link all of the learning together for a complete picture of how these principles enable organisations to improve their performance.

This programme is ideal for OD Practitioners and those looking to explore these skills for the first time. The tools and techniques that participants will learn can be applied from the first module onwards. The programme offers a high return on investment and the benefits of a real transformation in performance.

This course is ideal for:
Introducing the core, practical skills that enable OD Practitioners to make an impact inside organisations.

What does the course cover:

  • Gain an increased ability to develop high performance in others, through the use of a coaching style to create sustainable solutions
  • Flexibility to use either direction or true facilitation to enable teams to perform at their maximum
  • Capability to tackle challenging projects and situations with confidence & ease to generate a truly collaborative workplace
    “I have found the whole programme interesting and have learned a lot from each of the modules. On reflection I am a lot further on with these aspects of my role and my confidence has grown in all areas.” -Clare Boulton, OD & Engagement Manager, South Staffs & Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust


I have really enjoyed attending The Beech Centre’s OD certificate programme. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that I already notice myself using in various situations, both at work and in other areas of my life. The peaceful surroundings and collaborative facilitation style enabled me to really connect with what I was learning and get as much as I could out of the programme.

Programme Delegate Feedback June 2015 READ MORE >

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