We deliver bespoke Leadership Development Programmes, building on our many years of experience in changing the behaviours in Senior Leadership teams. We offer an extensive range of programmes – please contact us to discuss these in more detail. We also offer the following open programmes:

Coaching for Leaders

A two day programme to develop coaching skills as part of a leadership style. It is the first of three levels which you might consider in developing your coaching practice. The two further steps are the Certificate and the Diploma in Performance Development Coaching.

We believe that the application of a coaching style in leadership can lead to increased performance both for the individual and across teams and organisations.

This course is ideal for:
Individuals who are interested in understanding how to use coaching, or a coaching style, effectively in their own or others’ organisations.

  • What does the course cover?
  • Understand what a coaching style means to them and how it might be used in their own working environment every day
  • Consider their behavioural ability to coach effectively in this context
  • Take away some key frameworks and tools to enable them to start coaching differently
  • Consider their future development as coaches and leaders
  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Develop the skills needed to recognise when a coaching style is appropriate

“Having been coached myself, this fully lived up to expectations. I am leaving feeling motivated and looking forward to utilising the skills learnt”.
Danielle Marshall, Lincolnshire County Council

The Resilient Leader

‘Resilience’ is the capacity for an individual to deal effectively with stress, pressure and challenges and perform to the best of their abilities irrespective of the circumstances in which they find themselves. It is referred to by some as the ability to ‘bounce back’.

Would you like to have the confidence to deal effectively with change; be more resilient and in control?
This two day programme enables you to develop your ‘resilience’ – and provides you with skills that you’ll be able to take back to the workplace the moment you leave.

This course is ideal for anyone, in particular those responsible for managing and developing the performance of others within organisations and individuals, business owners and leaders who want to enhance performance in these challenging times.

What does this course cover:
-Understand the nature of stressors and challenge and how you respond
-Investigate your own measure of ‘Mental Toughness’ and how it links to resilience through completion of an online questionnaire
-Learn how to access a ‘tool kit’ for helping you to build resilience
-Discover how to create and sustain effective plans to manage stress and achieve peak performance

“I was able to build some of the interventions into my routine almost straight away….Something as simple as recognising when I work best in a day has helped me restructure my time, I now feel a lot more in control and performing better with an increased energy and achieving timescales with reduced stress” – Wendy Lawtey, Service Manager, North Lincolnshire Council



Although all the participants had attended a wide variety of management and leadership courses and qualifications previously, I have no doubt that the programme facilitated by The Beech Centre had the greatest impact at both an emotional and operational level. This programme got to the heart of who these leaders are, how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them. As a critical group of senior leaders in the constabulary I now have a team who understand each other, will support each other and will work in a cohesive manner to achieve the significant transformation which lies ahead of us.

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