Certificate in Performance Development Coaching

Coaching is recognised as one of the most powerful & effective development approaches to improve performance.

Enable others to achieve greater personal performance; unlock the potential of teams & individuals and understand when to adopt a ‘coaching style’ of management that empowers and engages colleagues to find their own solutions!!!

The first programme of its kind to be formally recognised by the Association for Coaching and is now accredited by the Association for Coaching.

This course is ideal for participants who are already actively engaged in the development of others, whether in a direct managerial role, as an internal organisational resource or as an external development professional, such as; Directors, Managers, HR Specialists, Independent Coaches and Business Leaders.

What does this course cover:
-Develop the unique skills to provide high quality coaching capability
-Have the ability to generate significant performance enhancement
-Understand how to accelerate sustainable change

“This course has been a life changing experience. The programme is well balanced and I have appreciated the experience of supervision and being coached as well as the modules. My expectations have been exceeded. It has been a personal journey of discovery”. – Zoe McDougall

Diploma in Performance Development Coaching

This opportunity enables you to become a real ‘beacon’ for coaching within your organisation; have the capability to offer supervision to other coaches and be an even more potent and powerful coach.

The Diploma deepens understanding of coaching practice and allows you to tune into your specialism in a way which really can add value. On this programme, each participant has the opportunity to drive their own agenda within an outline modular structure, taking ownership for their thinking and understanding in a particular area of expertise – for example Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Transactional Analysis (TA).

The Programme takes approximately seven to nine months to complete to allow for the skills to be developed, practised and refined throughout the time during and in between the two day modules. The commitment to this period of time really supports a sustainable shift in behaviour that continues well after the formal structure of the Programme.

This course is ideal for managers, leaders and coaches who are already coaching but are looking to gain an even greater understanding of the coaching relationship. It’s also ideal for individuals who have completed our Certificate in Performance Development Coaching.

What does the course cover:
-Six two-day modules spread over a seven month period (non-residential) to support personal reflection and extensive practice.
-Explore personal learning and experiences. These are driven by the participant to support their personal journey and growth as a coach.
-Working with a maximum group size of 12 participants, the Diploma is facilitated by a highly experienced professional coach to ensure individual development is maximised.

“I have learnt so much and found the facilitation excellent – insightful, stretching, skilled, fun and diverse. The modelling that was within the facilitation was a really rich source of learning for me as was the generosity of both facilitators in supporting development outside as well as within the group.” – Dr Sue Butler

Coaching for Leaders

A two day programme to develop coaching skills as part of a leadership style. It is the first of three levels which you might consider in developing your coaching practice. The two further steps are the Certificate and the Diploma in Performance Development Coaching.
We believe that the application of a coaching style in leadership can lead to increased performance both for the individual and across teams and organisations.

This course is ideal for:
Individuals who are interested in understanding how to use coaching, or a coaching style, effectively in their own or others’

  • What does the course cover?
  • Understand what a coaching style means to them and how it might be used in their own working environment every day
  • Consider their behavioural ability to coach effectively in this context
  • Take away some key frameworks and tools to enable them to start coaching differently
  • Consider their future development as coaches and leaders
  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Develop the skills needed to recognise when a coaching style is appropriate

“Having been coached myself, this fully lived up to expectations. I am leaving feeling motivated and looking forward to utilising the skills learnt”.
Danielle Marshall, Lincolnshire County Council.



I have been pleasantly surprised how much I have grown over the past few months as a coach and have definitely caught the coaching 'bug'. The programme is one of the best development opportunities I have ever had and I have been using coaching in every part of my work and some personal relationships.

Wendy Cundy, Associate Director Organisational Development, NHS Lincolnshire READ MORE >

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