Our Values

The symbol of the beech tree has an interesting history of connotations with learning and prosperity.

In a tarot reading the beech tree is a symbol of crossing thresholds, growth and moving from one state of being to another. It is a warning that if we do not confront our challenges and keep moving forward we can become too familiar with the known and safe and become stagnant. We need to keep developing in order to grow.

The gift of the beech tree is that of realisation, experience, challenge and knowledge. It suggests you should face your challenges, gain experience from the unknown and increase your knowledge.

The Celts saw beech as the tree of learning, wisdom and the written word as well as a symbol of prosperity.

The Celtic lesson of the beech is the importance of learning and the need to preserve our knowledge.

“Rooted in the knowledge of the ancients, sustained by the ideas of the present, we will continue to reach for the stars.”

Shared Values

It is important for us, and for our clients, that there is a clear match of our respective organisational values. Sustainable results in performance development can only be achieved if we both recognise our respective responsibilities and demonstrate consistent behaviours and actions in support of the organisational aspiration. Performance development is not something that The Beech Centre will ‘do to you’, it is something which is driven from within. The Beech Centre is there to help identify, develop, support and facilitate the actions and inputs required to generate meaningful and sustainable developments in organisational and individual performance.

Although we occasionally choose not to work with organisations which are perhaps looking for a more transactional ‘off-the-shelf’ approach we would, however, still engage with them to explore the impact of this type of approach and to help them challenge their practices and hopefully take some value from their experience and interaction with The Beech Centre.

The values and Philosophy underpin all of our interactions with the people that we work with and contribute towards the purpose of our business which is “To offer an increased choice in behaviour at individual, team and organisational levels resulting in increased personal, team and organisational performance.”

The Beech Centre Philosophy

  • We believe that individuals, teams and organisations need to develop a positive, innovative and effective approach to the demands they face today and in the future.
  • We believe the most successful approach to creating a positive motivational attitude is through the use of methods that are fun, imaginative and highly interactive.
  • We believe that when an individual accepts the need for personal and team development, there is an excellent opportunity for increased organisational performance.
  • These beliefs are integral to both our own organisation and the services we offer our clients.

Our Values are:

Relationships – We actively seek out relationships that result in positive outcomes for all and this is underpinned by our belief in ‘win – win’. Our relationships are mutually supportive  and based on ‘I’m OK – You’re OK’   We have high levels of respect and trust for each other and this is demonstrated in our openness of communication.

Emotional Engagement – We believe being emotionally engaged means having the ability to fundamentally understand where other people are at and where you are with yourself – using this to hold relationships. To know how somebody is thinking and more importantly feeling about them self and situations, perhaps instinctively, offering support, help and something of yourself. Much of this is about recognising and accepting difference – in approach, experience, beliefs and practice.

Fun, Enjoyment, Fulfilment – We believe it is important to be engaged in work that provides enjoyment, fulfilment and fun for us all.  We acknowledge the value that humour and having a fun-based creative environment offer. Our enjoyment comes from having the opportunity to be creative, accept appropriate challenge and feel valued and appreciated.

Reward & Recognition – We value being rewarded and being recognised for the contributions that we make to the success of the business and for the contributions that we make to the success of ourselves.  We have choice & input into the work that we get involved in.

Congruence – We believe it is important to demonstrate congruence in our behaviour.  In this instance congruence means – ‘ensuring that our intent and the actions that go with it match up’ and this is appropriately displayed when we ‘say what we mean and mean what we say’  We have consistent behaviours that demonstrate a high level of congruency.

Self and Others – We place an unquestionable value on our own and others’ capabilities. We have self-respect alongside respect for others. We value self and others as the most vital commodity that our business has to deliver and be successful. We have a high level of belief in self and others.



We quickly realised that we needed an enormous amount of support to help us on our journey of change so we elected The Beech Centre. The reason for choosing Beech was their ethics and values which were so aligned to the way in which we think. It was also about finding a long-term partner, as this would not be a quick fix. We wanted a partner that would work with us on a sustainable agenda and help us to deliver a better performance in our hospital whilst also maintaining what makes it really special.

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability READ MORE >

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