The Beech Centre- Why Join?

beech-treeThe Beech Centre offers four levels of membership: Strategic, Organisational, Corporate and Individual Membership.

Our Membership proposition provides members with world class support to develop and deliver their Organisational Development Strategy and Plan.

At the highest level of membership we provide organisations with complete Strategic Organisational Development support to help them achieve a shift in behaviour that leads to significantly increased and sustainable individual, team and organisational performance. With access to leading edge development programmes, cutting edge research and a world leading Strategic OD Consultancy practice, enabling you to transform your organisation’s systems and people sustainably whilst delivering high returns.

The opportunity

To be a part of the only aspiring Institute for Organisational Development. We know what great strategic OD looks like and can help your organisation to:

  • Develop an approach to transforming your organisation sustainably
  • Integrate cost efficiency programmes into strategic OD activity
  • Develop internal OD capability for lasting sustainable growth
  • Be part of an OD community and network with others interested in OD
  • Keep you up to date with latest thinking and best practice
  • Provide an opportunity to determine and contribute to research
  • Gain access to a range of extensive membership benefits

With a growing base of Strategic OD, Organisational, Corporate and Individual members, this is an opportunity to be part of a professional body which provides a range of options to maximise the potential for great OD within your organisation.

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Absolutely excellent!  Jan is now a role model - someone who demonstrates awareness and mastery in her facilitation. I am grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you all in The Beech Centre who made this such a great quality learning experience.

Jaki Lowe, Interchange HR READ MORE >

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