Institute Strategy

The next and natural progression for The Beech Centre is to seek accreditation as an institute for organisational development.

An institute based on excellence in the provision of development programmes and undertaking research that leads to inspirational consultancy support. The research will underpin OD interventions that genuinely and demonstrably improve the performance of people and organisations.

We will be a member based institute with a governance structure that ensures members really do drive the institute and gain maximum benefit from being part of a thriving, innovative and effective OD community.

In this section you can find news about our vision for the future including exciting projects and plans which we would like to share with you.Beech five pillars of the institute strategy no percentages

What will the Institute do?

The Institute will be a member-based research and development organisation offering its members a platform for:

  • Sharing practice
  • Networking
  • Contributing to and hearing about the latest research in the area of performance development
  • Accessing literature & resources
  • Participating in & supporting learning events, seminars, conferences
  • Taught accredited programmes

Once it is established the Institute will occupy a position as the pre-eminent organisation for disseminating best practice, standards and learning in the field of people and organisational development.

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Beech are really focused on bringing organisational development to a very long standing organisation with a lot of history with all of the challenges that a very fast moving NHS healthcare environment brings. Beech have been really pivotal in helping the team at an executive level understand what good behaviours, management, leadership and coaching skills can bring to efficiency and to better operating procedures. Beech don’t tell us what to do, they enable us to understand how we can better configure our services. Beech have a range of services which we are benefiting from in coaching and consultancy. They also run an

Angus Somerville, Chief Executive, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability READ MORE >

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