Advisory Board


Terms of reference

Name:  The Institute Advisory Board

Chair: Dean Royles, Executive Director of HR & OD, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Attendees: Senior Representatives from Institute Members, Senior Representatives from Institute Partners, The Beech Centre’s Institute Leadership Team (ILT)

Quorate: 5 (at least 2 representatives from members)

Documents: Agenda, Minutes and Reports


  1. To provide advice and guidance in respect of the development of the Institute, its strategic direction and action plans.
  2. To consider and comment upon plans and activities in the specific pillars of the Institute: Membership, Programmes & Partnerships, Consultancy Practice, Voice and Research.
  3. To receive and comment on business planning activity.
  4. To consider and advise on developing the membership proposition and benefits.
  5. To provide a forum where members, partners and the ILT can meet and consider how they can best work together to gain mutual benefit from membership & partner relations.


  1. An Institute strategy that has the support of member and partner organisations.
  2. Contribution of members and partners to business plans.
  3. Consistent development of member benefits package.
  4. The development of a strong networking opportunity amongst members and partners and the Institute team.


  1. Members of the Advisory Board will make strategic decisions on behalf of their organisation and are therefore likely to sit at Director level in their organisation.
  2. Members of the Advisory Board will make representation on behalf of the Institute and their organisation to government and other bodies.


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