“Delivering a Performance Culture”- what the world of Business can learn from the Creative Arts

October 30, 2017

This week, my colleague Ian Andrew forwarded me an article which he felt I would be interested to read as a BA Acting student and an OD enthusiast (thanks Ian!).

I found the contents of this article really quite interesting so I wanted to share this with you and get your thoughts. The article is “Delivering a Performance Culture” and explores what we can learn about business from the performing arts world: http://www.cultureuniversity.com/delivering-a-performance-culture-part-ii/

My working life involves me constantly exploring the two extremely different and typically unlinked worlds of OD and the Creative Arts and readers of my posts will know that I regularly find there are more links between the two fields than there may appear to be on the surface.

As this article explains, the acting, performing arts and creative industries regularly require high levels of team work and ensemble working. These environments are often highly pressurised, so require individuals to have high levels of trust in themselves and others to perform well in the moment and respond to whatever may come their way, as well as interpersonal/communication skills and empathy. This job also requires individuals to have both high levels of technical skill and knowledge, as well as the ability to think creatively in order to come up with alternative solutions and innovatively problem-solve, often on tight timescales and budgets in order to satisfy the wants and needs of key stakeholders.

All of these skills are also really important components of high performing individuals and teams, so it’s clear to see why there can be lots of links made between the creative arts and the business world.

Does this article resonate with you and what you look for in the performance of your staff and teams? Do you think we can take learning and inspiration from other sectors to inform our people and organisational development? Let me know your responses to the article and thoughts on any of the above via email at elen.benfield@thebeechcentre.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you!

Elen Benfield

Communications Manager

The Beech Centre for People, Performance and Organisational Development


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