“Agile Leadership” – Upcoming Member Conference 7th March 2018

February 11, 2018

Senior professionals from our membership community will be treated to a feast of thought-provoking and inspirational sessions at our upcoming member conference on the 7th March 2018, which will be hosted by North Lincolnshire Council at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.

Our eleventh member conference theme will be around ‘Agile Leadership’, focusing on the challenges that senior leaders are experiencing moving from traditional ways of working towards developing more innovative and agile ways of working. There is a fundamental shift going on across public, private and not for profit sectors, transforming the nature of work and organisations and the expectations of the workforce. Innovation and increased productivity, structure change to increase agility have gone up the leadership agenda in many organisations. Structure change itself can be fraught with difficulty, not least for the effect on people, if the process is not handled well.

Hear from Denise Hyde, Executive Director, North Lincolnshire Council who will share the story of the reasons as to why North Lincolnshire Council has chosen to transform the way it goes about delivering its outcomes to the public of North Lincolnshire. Whilst their transformation journey is continuing, Denise will share the opportunities and challenges in bringing about a mindset and culture that enables an agile organisation to flourish and prosper.

Hear from Claire Lomas, MBE, Inspirational Speaker, who was working as a chiropractor and had reached the highest level in the sport of eventing when a freak accident left her paralysed from the chest down.

Hear Claire’s inspirational story from living a life as an active sportswomen whose dreams were coming true to a life that seemed impossible to ever be happy. She describes the turning point which was when she stopped thinking of everything she could no longer do, and instead the many things she could still do.

Join best-selling author and organisational design expert Dr Linda Holbeche for an interactive session around ‘Designing more agile organisational structures and ways of working’ which will explore how to develop agility and flexibility in our structures:

  • the pros and cons of different organisational models – from all-hierarchical to all-networked
  • a practical walk-through of the process of re-designing people structures, from definition to implementation
  • an overview of what else is needed to embed agility and flexibility in organisations

Linda will illustrate her session with case studies from several sectors.

If you would value understanding more around attending our member conference events please drop me a line donna.smithson@thebeechcentre.co.uk

The Beech Centre are twice Global Silver Medallists in 2013 and 2016 across 60 countries and UK Consulting Champions of Great Britain in 2016. This is for our work in whole system cultural and behavioural change within the public sector.

Donna Smithson

Membership Services Director

The Beech Centre for People, Performance & Organisational Development



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