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The Beech Centre is not a training organisation. We focus on building a strong, sustainable relationship with all our clients, working collaboratively to design and develop effective tailored programmes, targeting outputs rather than inputs.

To deliver maximum benefit and value, all our work is developed and delivered in the context of the client organisation’s own culture, people and business.

Using a detailed initial consultation process, the unique issues and opportunities facing the organisation are explored and aspects of the culture, leadership, operational processes and human resource thinking is challenged and understood.

This consultative and collaborative approach is extended throughout our partnership with clients enabling us to offer in supportive challenge, objective thinking and alternative perspectives as added value into our relationship.

Style of Development Programmes

The design and delivery of our programmes ensures that maximum learning is transferred back into the work place by focusing on individual as well as team development.

Anyone can attend a traditional ‘off-the-shelf’ training session, but true, sustainable development occurs only when the learning is translated into a change in the way the individual thinks or behaves.

This level of challenge requires a style of facilitation which is supportive, positive and interactive, and which generates a sense of individual responsibility and ownership from each participant.

The Beech Centre works with each client to explore the difficult questions around how performance development is sustained so true value can be achieved.



We were looking for an organisation to come and help us with our OD work. Northamptonshire Police is a very traditional thinking police force with a very traditional culture which is based on vocational values. We found that Beech really understood our value set and how people come to work with us with the vocation in mind. This has been really powerful through the change programme. Beech have really helped our staff to understand how and why we need to change.

Fiona Davis, Head of Corporate Services, Northamptonshire Police READ MORE >

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