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assoc-coachingWhat does it mean for clients of The Beech Centre?

The Beech Centre is committed to providing ethical, professional and effective coaching.  We believe that this is how our clients will experience us.  However, we also know the power of independent assessment.

There are currently only around two hundred Accredited Coaches in the Association, which has a total membership of over four thousand.  Not all those who set themselves up as Coaches are members of a professional body, far fewer are striving for, or have achieved Accreditation.  We are confident that achieving Accreditation is a true mark of the coach’s ethical commitment, professionalism and, by no means least, their effectiveness.  We believe it is one way in which The Beech Centre differentiates itself from its competitors

Accreditation is different from Membership of the Association of Coaching in that it can only be gained through a rigorous process of assessment of the member’s coaching.  It requires the coach to submit Coachee and supervisor references, a case study and a personal coaching philosophy which are considered by two senior members of the Association.  The application is judged against the Ethics and Competences of the Association and is only awarded where the high level of performance required can be demonstrated.



I found the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials to be an excellent programme.  It was well run, efficiently administered, and the delivery of the programme, mixing lecture and discussion, really worked for me.  It was clear that the content and style of the programme had been thoroughly considered and the skills and expertise shown by Steve and Gail were impressive.  The assignment is a useful way of turning learning into practice and the work on Transactional Analysis has given me a new perspective on my work and home life.

Simon Hunter, Director of Strategic Development, Humber NHS Foundation Trust READ MORE >

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