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beechThe Beech Centre for People, Performance and Organisational Development specialises in strategic Organisational Development support. We work with organisations to achieve a shift in behaviour that leads to significantly increased individual, team and organisational performance. We offer this Strategic OD support through a unique membership proposition. To discover more about our membership offering, click here

The Beech Centre is currently on a journey to seek government accreditation and be recognised as the first UK Institute Organisational Development. For more information about our Institute journey, click here. We have an advisory board made up of senior representatives from our membership organisations who are guiding the path of our journey to government accreditation. Click here to find out more about our advisory board.

We have an extensive portfolio of highly successful member clients across the UK from private, public and third sector environments. View a list of our members here.

The Beech Centre incorporates one of the UK’s most innovative and successful Organisational Development Consultancy practices which has been recognised on both a national and global level. Click here to discover more about the awards we have won. The Beech Centre also has long standing partnerships with many of the top bodies in both our field and the sectors we work in, to bring accreditation and validity to the development interventions we offer. View more information about our partners here.

Our intent is to deliver strategic OD interventions which:

  • Are open, collaborative and highly supportive as well as sometimes highly challenging!
  • Build or enhance internal capacity to ensure sustainable shifts in behaviours and performance.
  • Deliver sustainable improvements in personal, team and organisational leadership.
  • Develop highly competent leaders and teams to ensure cultural shift is embedded into the organisation.
  • Provide facilitated experiential learning at the core of our work.
  • Use critical reflection and a nondirective style to create space for learning.

For more information on our strategic OD proposition, please click here.



Attending a Beech conference is fantastic. It’s a great opportunity to network with people who are interested in the same topics. It’s also a great way to learn about how people are implementing the principles that Beech present. The networking aspect is an excellent opportunity.

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